1- The subject matter of the films to be submitted to the existing categories is free. There are no restrictions on the theme, and only films produced within the years 2021, 2022, and 2023 are eligible for application.

2- The submitted productions should predominantly avoid elements such as propaganda, ideological discourse, and nudity.

3- Films that violate the rules will be eliminated by the Preliminary Jury.

4- The duration of the films, including credits, should be a maximum of 20 (twenty) minutes for Short Films and a maximum of 50 (fifty) minutes for Documentary Films.

5- The Festival Management may use up to 30 (thirty) seconds of footage from the submitted films for promotional purposes in trailers.

6- The Festival Management has the right to “freely” publish and screen the finalist and award-winning films for a period of 1 year starting from the closing day of the festival.

7- The cash prize is awarded directly to the film’s director, actor, screenwriter, and musician. The European Education project “Erasmus Plus” is designed for the director and two individuals of their choice. In other categories, the winning nominee also receives the prize directly.

8- Only the directors, screenwriters, film music artists, and lead actors of the nominated films (finalists) are invited to the award ceremony. During this process, the festival covers accommodation and meal expenses. The finalists in their respective categories must attend the events for the award presentation. If they have valid reasons (e.g., health issues), another participant who was involved in the film can attend the Gala ceremony on behalf of the film.

9- The festival covers the accommodation and meal expenses of the 5 directors who reached the finals in the Short Film category and the 5 directors who reached the finals in the Documentary Film category (the number may vary, and any adjustments will be made by the festival management).

10- The directors who will participate as finalists in the events commit to discussing their projects in short videos for promotional purposes.

11- The films must be in a viewable resolution and have a clear and understandable audio level. Otherwise, the Preliminary Jury may eliminate the films.

12- The responsibility for any copyright issues related to music, archival footage, or other elements in the submitted short films and documentaries lies with the film team. The festival and its management do not accept responsibility for any current situation in this regard.

13 – Bozok Film Festivali Festival Komitesi, the right to make changes to the event dates and regulations during the festival is reserved.